Ottawa Real Estate: The History of Ottawa, Ontario Canada and Why it’s Great to Live Here

Ottawa Real Estate: The History of Ottawa, Ontario Canada and Why it’s Great to Live Here

The city of Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and is located in the southern bank of the south of Ontario. It is the fourth-biggest city as well as the 5th largest Census Metropolitan Area in Canada. Ottawa is a great place to own Ottawa real estate and offers many scenic views and amenities.


Originally the city of Ottawa was known as Bytown after a colonel named John By oversaw the construction of the Rideau Canal. Later on in the year 1855, the city was later known as Ottawa which is derived from the word adawe meaning to trade as used by the Algonquians’. In 1957, Queen Victoria then chose Ottawa to be the capital city of Canada.

Parliament buildings began being constructed in the year 1860 and were completed in 1866. In 1867, the confederation was up and the members of parliament were to begin their work immediately.

In the 1900, there were two big fires that ended up in the destruction of many buildings and lumber mills. In addition, in 1916 another fire broke out on Parliament Hill in the Centre Block and this left the city in complete disarray as the only standing building that was left was the Library of Parliament.

Why Is It Great to Live In Ottawa

  1. It’s A Beautiful City

The Rideau Canal has been known to be a beautiful place to walk by as it gives a very beautiful view of how the city is. From Parliament Hill to Chateau Laurier, one is able to see the most overwhelming cityscapes in the state.

  1. It Is Family Friendly

The city offers the best education one could dream of as it is able to accommodate bilingual students as well. It is safe and has a very welcoming environment for growth and living. The area also has numerous parks and playgrounds as well.

  1. It’s Affordable

This is one of the most affordable cities as one can easily live within their budget and still afford the lifestyle they wish to have.

  1. It Is A Land Of Opportunity

Ottawa has been able to create many job opportunities for many individuals given the fact that it is the Capital City of Canada. In addition, the high technology area also has been accountable for various stable jobs which are also well paying.

  1. It’s The Perfect Size

Ottawa is neither too big nor too small as it has been able to create a balance between giving individuals the feel of a small community as well as have an array of urban amenities.

  1. There’s Plenty of Parks and Green Space

For individuals who enjoy the great outdoors be it for a stroll or just a picnic, then Ottawa has that covered with the various green spaces scattered all over which are very spacious and clean as well. One could also easily ride a bike as the area also has a cycling path for those who would like to live a more active life.

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