Transforming Your Home For Resale – Real Estate Agent Ottawa

Transforming Your Home For Resale- Real Estate Agent Ottawa


One of my favourite parts of my work as a real estate agent Ottawa is seeing the transformation that buyers make in their new home. It’s so easy for buyers to make improvements without spending a lot of money. The best time to act is right at possession time when excitement and pride of ownership is at its peak. I love to make suggestions as I show homes on how easily rooms can be improved. Structural repairs and big renovation projects are more costly and need to be budgeted for but here my 4 top improvements that are affordable and make a big impact.

• Paint – need I say more? Choosing the right colours and giving the space a fresh look goes a long way. If you don’t know where to start I definitely recommend a consultation with an interior designer to help you choose a paint palette. The cost of the consultation will outweigh the cost of the wasted cans of paint for colours that don’t turn out right.

• Backsplash Backsplash Backsplash – This is often overlooked. I am amazed at how many properties I sell that do not have a tiled backsplash. If there is not a current backsplash in the kitchen, it is quite simple to add one and can become a DYI project with so many tutorials available on the internet and in store demos. Even if you have to hire a tiler, it is quite affordable for small projects. Removing and replacing an existing backsplash is a bit more complex and might require hiring a contractor but can make a huge difference in giving the kitchen an updated look. There is a large variety of affordable tiles at home improvement stores and they don’t need to be expensive to create the desired effect.

• Cabinet update – Giving your kitchen or baths cabinets a fresh new look by painting, spraying or staining them goes a long way. Even though you might be planning on replacing them in the future this could buy you time. There is a great product called Renuit that can transform your kitchen. It goes a long way and is quite inexpensive but time consuming and must be applied properly. I’ve seen some great youtube tutorials that would be worth watching before starting. If your budget permits it, Home Depot offers a great resurfacing product for cabinet door replacement. You can order doors to match the exact sizes of the existing ones. If you are changing colours it is a bit tricky because the side panels will also need to match. They offer a full installation option also.

• Finishing touches – Your furniture and décor can make a great impact. Choosing the right style and sizes of pieces is important. It is important to forget the final touches. Drapes and area rugs finish a room perfectly. I LOVE area rugs. Don’t be afraid to go big. Most rooms that I see have area rugs that are too small for the space. A nice pattern or colour on the rugs make the biggest impact. Drapes should be the right length. If you can’t find them long enough in your budget, consider adding a border. I often buy several inexpensive pairs and cut and sew them and add a strip through the middle. This creates a custom look at box store prices. Ideally you should have two full panels to each side of the window and curtain rods should extend past the window. This way you are not covering up the window when you want light in and it also makes the windows appear wider than they really are.

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