Real Estate Ottawa: Rent or Buy? What are the Benefits of Renting Opposed to Buying?

Real Estate Ottawa: Rent or Buy? What are the Benefits of Renting Opposed to Buying?

Making the jump from renting to buying? Here are some things to consider.

Given the fact that most individuals while starting up their lives find it hard to actually own in a home, most individuals opt for the renting of an apartment instead. Over a certain period however an individual is able to save up money while building their career and start a family which may trigger them to consider buying a home instead. However for real estate Ottawa homeowners who are nearing retirement normally opt for selling their houses, downsizing and becoming renters once again

Listed below are some benefits that have been attached to the option of one actually just renting out a home as compared to buying a house all together.

  1. No Responsibility for Maintenance or Repairs

A renter is normally not responsible for home neither maintenance nor for repair costs. In the event that a toilet breaks or the wall needs new paint, one just simply has to call the landlord/land lady or superintendent to raise the complaint.

  1. Relocating Is Easier

In addition, renter who keeps on relocating is in a better position to save money and time. Even if one has to move before their lease is over they are able to negotiate with landlord about subletting the contrast, selling a home takes a lot of time and if one ends up selling they may end up selling it at a lower price and make a loss instead.

  1. No Exposure to Real Estate

The value of homes tends to fluctuate over time with regard to the economy and at times the value of a home may end up declining. Hence, if one is a renter this is not their concern but the landlords concern.

  1. Credit Requirements Generally Less Strict

Most if not all landlords tend to require that the renters go through a credit check, which is actually just a zero-sum proposition. One’s application for leasing a home is normally either approved or declined due to their current credit score as well as their credit history. In the event that one has no checkered credit report such as judgments and bankruptcies, then they can easily find a home with a landlord who would be willing to rent to them.

In contrast, if one has applied for a mortgage and by any chance the credit score changes then this can affect it drastically as it may end up increasing in thousands of dollars with regard to interest over one’s loan term.

  1. Some Utilities Maybe Included

Most of the multi-unit building landlords normally cover the cost for various utilities including cable television. This saves the renter a lot of money because it doesn’t matter how much one uses the utility because its normally included in the rent hence, it’s not their concern after they’ve paid the rent. This is however not a common practice but has been possible for smaller building such as single family homes as well as duplexes.

If you are ready to make the jump from renting to becoming a home owner contact Joanne Martin at House Curious for assistance in your search for the perfect house for you!

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