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Buying A House – Ottawa Real Estate

Buying A House – Ottawa Real Estate Agent

Why choosing an Ottawa Real Estate Agent is so Important.

Buying a House is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life , Ottawa real estate agent House Curious is here to help you find the perfect home. With buying a house there are a great deal of responsibilities that will need to be fulfilled regularly in order to have a positive experience. Buying a house is not the easiest thing to do and can be a difficult process. Buying a house in Ottawa is a great investment and requires a lot of energy and effort in order to get everything in place. Which is why you need knowledgable Ottawa real estate agent to ease the process. With your real estate agent expect to get the latest house listing, tips for upgrading, help with putting in offers and buying to flip your house.

With the help of a real estate agent discover which is the best location, size and closest to your required necessities for your desired taste. Sometimes you may not realize what exactly it is that you need. With an real estate agent you will get assistance on choosing the type of house that is right for you. Your Ottawa real estate agent will help you find the best investment and negotiate to get the best deal, making it a smooth transaction.



How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

When a Seller gets a pre-listing home inspection OR a Home owner requires a periodic home inspection, they need to get their homes prepared for the home inspector so that the inspection is conducted in an optimal fashion.

The following recommendations from House Curious will help the seller/owner prepare for the home inspection in advance:

  1. Remove clutter so that the home inspector has visual access to as many areas as possible.
  2. Be on time to the inspection so that you can fully participate in all aspects of the investigation.
  3. Have the home exterior ready for inspection as the inspector may start examining the outer area of the home if you are not ready. This includes leaving fences unlocked and dogs tied up.
  4. The home inspector should be informed of the occupants of the home, especially any children or elderly people.
  5. To the extent possible, pets should be removed from the property to allow full access to all areas that are to be inspected.
  6. Closets need to be cleared if they provide access to the attic.
  7. Keep all utilities connected – The home inspector will have to check the stove, test the furnace and test the air conditioner. It is gооd to lеаvе thе utilities оn, so that the inspector can assess their functionality.
  8. Provide a work area around Furnace and Water Heaters for the inspector.
  9. Many home inspectors may not check the pilot lights if they are not lit. It is a good idea to keep them on before the inspection process starts.
  10. Ensure easy access to the garage and try to minimize overcrowding in this area.
  11. The garage and electrical boxes should be kept open or have keys attached for ease of use.
  12. Give ample time for the home inspector to conduct the inspection. Between 2-4 hours is typical.
  13. If you are aware of potential concerns, raise them immediately when the inspector arrives.

During the inspection, note аnу quеѕtіоnѕ thаt mау аrіѕе durіng the walk-through. Every home inspection will uncover a few flaws in your property. Discuss the problem areas, understand the urgency, and gain an estimate of the repair costs. You can then estimate the repair costs and handle each issue accordingly. It helps in the long run as repair costs spent annually drastically reduces with regular inspection.

A good preparation for the home inspection is beneficial to all involved. After all, a comprehensive report is facilitated by your active preparation…


Helpful Tips for Buying a House – Real Estate Agent Ottawa

Helpful Tips for Buying a House

Here Are Some Helpful Tips to Consider When Buying a House from Real Estate Agent Ottawa, House Curious

Buying a house is an exciting experience particularly for first time home buyers. The idea of finally having your own place and having the liberty of doing anything to it such as renovations makes buying a house a dream come true for most. However, being a homeowner is not that easy, you’ll have to consider your responsibility to maintain the house to keep its value for the coming years.

If you have decided that you are indeed ready to buy your own home and become a responsible homeowner, then read these tips for an enjoyable and stress-free house buying.

Finding a Suitable Location

One of the most important things to consider in buying a house is the location. Search for a house that is located strategically in a well-maintained community with nearby schools, hospitals, police stations, fire stations, public libraries, recreational facilities and whatever else suits your needs. Ideally, the community should be secure and with peaceful neighbours, this is why a real estate agent will be such a big help as she can assist you in choosing the perfect area for you.

House hunting is no walk in the park so be sure that you know your preferences. You can keep track of the houses that you are visiting by making notes of pros and cons for each location.

Determine Your Budget

Your financial capability is important when buying a house because it involves a large amount of money. Assess your credit score and be pre-approved before you begin your search.

Mortgage, which refers to a loan for the purpose of buying real estate such as a house is  recommended for homebuyers. Therefore, it is important to review your credit standing and see if you are qualified to apply for such loan to help finance your dream house.

A good credit score provides plus points for a mortgage application. Search for a lender which will guide you in the pre-approval. Pre-approval for a loan will depend on your current financial status. Getting pre-approved is a positive step to acquiring a mortgage it also keeps you on track on your house price limit. A pre-approval record is a good way to convince a house seller that you are sincere in buying that house so you can have a better bargaining power.

Consider a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent can help you find a home that fits your requirements so make sure that that person is reputable and that he or she meets your standards. Also, make sure that your potential agent understands every detail of your preferences. A real estate agent will also guide you in the negotiation process with a potential house seller.

Negotiate Then Buy

If you find a house that you like, make an offer to the house seller. Make sure that you are armed with information on the current market value of houses in the area and most importantly know the lowest possible price that the seller is willing to agree on.

Once you have agreed on a price, you will have to go through the process of actually buying the house. This involves getting the expertise of a home inspector, drawing the terms of agreement and having a lawyer review the contract. After all the paperwork is done a deposit on your part will be placed in escrow until the sale is final.

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