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Ottawa Real Estate : Staging Your Home

Ottawa Real Estate : Staging Your Home

When it comes to staging one’s Ottawa real estate home for potential buyers it is key to take some things into consideration. Selling one’s house requires a few things to be put into perspective as the house by itself needs to be able to market itself with no problem at all. This helps increase the value of the house as well as the appeal.  Hence, knowing how best to stage one’s house is important in the putting of the house on the market and having it sold within a lesser time frame.

Listed below are some tips that one needs to consider if they are planning to attract the largest pool of buyers by downplaying the house’s weaknesses and highlighting its strengths.

Grab Them from the Curb

First impression tends to matter a lot. With regard to this, while one is considering staging the home they need to understand that what people see is what attracts them to the house. Hence, one needs to maintain the garden, put flower pot as well as just take care of the environment round the home as first impression always matters.

Make It Sparkle

One needs to pretend as if they are having their mother-in-law visiting hence, everything needs to just be perfect. The cleaning, the vacuuming, mopping even the cat in the house needs to be clean. Buyers tend to look at the places one may think that they will not look at all and that’s where they end up looking. In addition, one also needs to pay attention to specific orders which may affect their first impression on their potential buyers. One may ask a third party to come and inspect the smell of the house.

Pay Attention to Color and Light

One needs to put into consideration the fact that they are trying to stage their home for whatever reason hence, their color scheme needs to be very neutral and accommodating for their potential buyers. In addition, a neutral home tends to look larger and may have a lesser chance of offending an individual.

In addition, one is advised to open up the draperies in order for sufficient light to come into the house as lighting tends to set a specific mood.


One needs to de-clutter the house of them as this may offset the price of the house if there are too many personal items. The potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the house without one’s photos affecting the ambiance or imagination.

Make Repairs

Making of repairs is very essential as one may need to make sure that the small things don’t end up embarrassing them at all. Such include smudged paints, squeaking doors or chipped paint as the home needs to be a high-maintenance zone.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint tends to change the house and make it look new and attractive at the same time. Having a neutral colour such as beige or taupe in the living spaces as well as a neutral green or blue for the bathroom will definitely increase the appeal of the house by far.

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